Lady Emma Steel

Lady Emma Steel


Daring walks on erotic limit -
both personally and professionally I'm dancing on the stage of shameless lust, the salutary taboos and the freedom to take what makes you happy.

Forget stereotypes.
Let us be so wild and so tender
as it now fits.

I lead, you follow.

What you asked?

My floor is classic dominance in leather, sadism precise, playful latex experiments of all kinds

In order for our dance succeed
I'll find out,
what not jolt.

I enjoy very much of unusual requests, the staging of filthy fantasies, wild stories. An extraordinary rituals, silly frivolous role play or seriously-intensive breaking old patterns.

In the first place for me communication is the basis for intensive and challenging scenarios.

This includes an honest, respectful exchanges over physical and emotional safety, boundaries, experiences with SM and your fantasies.

If you can fine formulierst,'re acting, huldigst me, obey me, I think under, your dirty pictures will go with me to pass.

I am very, guesting together with my friend Johanna in court: certainly we will also make one or the other common games with open-minded guests.


English version of preferences coming soon!