Lady Venus Deluxe

Lady Venus Deluxe


Extravagant High Class Domination with a lot of sex appeal, a beautiful body, a true champion brings you out of my mind and you showing your emotional abyss, so that you no longer can without them.

I am your mistress and delicate temptation simultaneously. At the highest level I wrap you around her little finger, whether poor wretch or nobleman, you will obey me!
Immerse yourself in bizarre my world and feel pleasure, pain and lust in an ecstatic state as you have never experienced it. Trust me your deepest abyss, dirtiest and most perverse fantasies and I raise up for you to live.

Through my years of experience in slave training from soft to extreme limits are virtually no set with me . The pain you will endure for me I speak , and you can find me Lady Venus Deluxe thank you are allowed by the bizarre/dominant erotic about Studio, clinic, latex, TV and baby education, all learn together with me.

Do not hesitate and experience the true dominance of Lady Venus Deluxe.

Gladly also beginners and newcomers

SM bizarre clinic, latex/rubber, outdoor, bed and monitoring of any kind!


Dear guests! Due to the current hygiene protection requirements due to the corona crisis, some of the preferences / services mentioned cannot be offered or practiced!


  • Bizarre/dominant (including techniques)
  • Equipment, bondage techniques of various kinds, Bondage
  • Foiling, restrictions
  • Directed Books & RPG
  • Slave training
  • Leak slave training
  • KV education and Kotzspiele
  • Diaper Education
  • Baby education
  • Pet Play (dog)
  • Anal treatments
  • Figging, tunnel games, ashtrays
  • Spittoon, Spitting,
  • CBT (soft and extremely)
  • A.-Reduktion
  • Tuxedo
  • Face-Sitting
  • Ball Torture
  • Current treatments
  • Strap on
  • Nipple Torture
  • NS excesses
  • Mummification
  • TV Educational / Stylist
  • Foot nylon, shoe erotic
  • Trampling
  • Community Education
  • Chastity
  • Corseting
  • Clinic active (standard programs to extreme variants)
  • Clinic Latex (latex bags, tubings, electrostimulation and much more.)
  • Newcomer programs
  • Beginners pleasant
  • Long-term / overnight / treatment
  • Video Slave
  • Outdoor
  • kidnapping
  • Extortion scenarios
  • Detentions
  • Shopping
  • Yacht session (early reservation & deposit condition)
  • Private (early reservation & deposit condition)

Taboo: the Middle Ages

Fetish: Vinyl, leather, latex, as desired mask wearer, nylons, uniforms

If you have wishes that are not listed here, please contact me to it!

Field hospital:

  • Bizarre female doctor or nurse in hospital, Standard -Einführungsprogramme for beginners and also more extreme variants
  • Military doctor (surveys)
  • Gynosex & clinic fantasies
  • Doctor games
  • Rubber Clinic
  • Investigations of any kind (head, genital and rectal)
  • Kochsalzaufspritzungen (complete genital area, breast & face)
  • TV maids investigation / gender reassignment
  • Sperm samples
  • Pee cures
  • Intimate Shaves
  • Orgasm control
  • Current treatments
  • Long-term education
  • enema
  • Enemas
  • Analgeburt
  • catheter
  • Needles (breast, testicles and penis)
  • Urethra expansion
  • Foiling
  • Current treatments
  • Respiratory reductions
  • Stretching games
  • Foot and Fist Play
  • Tunnel Games
  • Zw.-Entsamung
  • Force-feedings
  • IV therapy
  • Dirty Games (NS, KV & Vomit)


  • soft to extremely
  • Temptationen
  • Latexdisziplinierungen
  • TV-Education in latex
  • Heavy Rubber & Total Enclosure (in any variation)
  • Mehrschichtiges Latex Training
  • Gummipuppenformung / Training (Education for -Gummipüppchen; training for latex whore)
  • Forced corsetting
  • Forced rubber coating / corsetting
  • Fuck machine
  • Milking machine
  • CBT
  • Mask training
  • sensory deprivation
  • Breath Control
  • Smell training
  • Swallowing & Golden Shower Training
  • Degradation - the helpless rubber object
  • Long term sessions / Gummierungen
  • Extra ordinary rubber excesses
  • Vacuum
  • tubing
  • Power treatment
  • rubber Bondage
  • films, Strict restraints
  • All applications from simple to precipitated latex Equipment
  • Watergum
  • Mumification
  • Temptationen
  • High Tech Latex - "Space Invasion"
  • Rubber clinic & latex therapies

If you have wishes that are not listed here, please contact me on it!