Domina Bizarr Studio Schwarz


Dear prospective customers and lovers of the extraordinary,

whether black or white, BDSM - prospective or patient, for every request I have the recipe.

Your Countess of Black, a phenomenon female Entertainments is the guarantor for ever "new" and for "surprises".
I guarantee you that our photos exaggerate by no means!

In our top facilities with an ambience, which leaves no wish unfulfilled, there is no preference or curiosity which is not met, and no inclination if bizarre - erotic or exceptionally Seeming that does not find fulfillment.

To help you be spoiled for choice, I allow me to introduce some ladies of my house.
We will read your unfulfilled desires of the eyes, even if the eyes should be connected.

I will gladly and in our institute, before or after your visit, for further discussions.

Yours Countess of Black.

The BDSM world of experience

100% Elite High Class Dominas ensure every week for relaxation and lifestyle domination!

Leather, Latex, High Heels, Boots, Rubber, Corsage Bondage, Chain Steel Velvet Satin! With us!

With a high degree of competence, security and empathy, the exceptional High Class Dominatrix, Bizarre-Ladies and Slaves, mastered by extremes or soft penalties, and clinic treatment. Subtilisotic roller games, short- and long-term treatment, weekend recovery, and slave slapping. Only with appointment agreement!

More information you can find under "Team" and "Presence"!

Have fun, the Bizarr Studio Schwarz!

Long-term sessions

From now on, we also offer you the possibility to book long-term treatment weekends and special several Dominatrix, Bizarre-Ladies at the same time!
However, a timely date adjustment is necessary for this purpose.