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  • Special Date - Your threesome

  • Klink and Toilett


  • Education for two

    Your dreams come true!

    We offer you a special kind of education together it will be an exclusive, bizarre experience for you. We will show you and humiliate as you need it, together we will push your limits.

  • For the rubber lovers

    For the rubber lovers

    In Gummi gehüllt zu sein, ein Erlebnis der Extra Klasse, was die Erotik zu einem bewegenden Erlebnis macht.

    Lass Dich überraschen und genieße einfach das Latex feeling! Steht dir der Sinn eines Vakuumanzuges oder ein längerer Aufenthalt in der Gummizelle?

  • Fetish Clinic/Segufix

    Fetish Clinic/Segufix

    SM-Klinik Behandlungen und Segufix-Bandagen Fixierung

    • Fisten
    • Fixierung
    • Fiebermessen
    • Genitalrasur
    • A.-Kontrolle
    • A.-Reduktion
    • Abmelken
    • Blasenspülung
    • Brustwarzenbehandlung
    • Darmrohr
    • Dilator
    • Dildobehandlung
  • Games played with several

    It excites you, detained for hours, fixed, raised, humiliated and used to be or to serve? Want extensively Bond Acts or demonstrated? be? NS enjoy? Beautiful, well-groomed feet pampered? Time for a TV styling have?
    These are the best conditions for you to submit to us a long time education.

    Ranging from one day or longer, we have great affordable prices and ready.

    It is suitable to long-term education! Special!

    Under the supervision and management of (multiple mistresses) in various SM-perfect and consistent themes introduced or constructed or to be punished.

    In detail, the long-term program depends on the physical conditions (mental and physical condition) and inclinations of the person, or from among couples, also from the ideas of the partner.

    For better orientation we offer the following to various practices in a long-term education can be treated:

    • Captivity in the cell, permanent chain bondage, interrogation with torture Training, education, or punishment
    • Animal training as a pony, dog or pig at a fair attitude and feeding
    • TV education, and training to the maid or a whore Using slave labor as serfs, constantly naked and in chains
    • Permanent forced posture in rubber, latex or worn female underwear
    • Caning, teacher and student Hospital stay: Doctor and patient, intimate examinations
    • Dressing to the foot-slave and object of desire, the point of total satisfaction with us
    • Use as a toilet slave with practices of various kinds
    • Attitudes than sex-lust-object e.g. with Anal Play, stretching, dildo torture and regular Abspritzzwang

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