News & Specials

  • Bizarr-Clinic by Lady Lexi

    Bizarr-Clinic by Lady Lexi
  • Russian Roulette

  • Double Domme with Donna Carrera & Lady Suna

  • New Year's wishes

    New Year's wishes

    Dear guests, we wish you all a HAPPY NEW YEAR 2024.

    The year has been a lot of fun with you and we thank you all for your loyalty. May the year 2024 bring us even closer together.

    Best wishes from YOUR TEAM FROM Bizarr-Studio-Schwarz

  • Dirty Days with Comtessa Ilina

  • Classic pain therapy with Comtessa Ilina

  • Last Appearance

  • RachelDuoNoir & Comtetssa Ilinia

  • Joint training with Sina Imperia & Kira Royal

    Joint training with Sina Imperia & Kira Royal
  • Comtessa Loredana and Mistress Maxim

    Comtessa Loredana and Mistress Maxim

    Ein hochexplosives Duo, das dich an deine Grenzen bringt und sie überschreitet. Vier fordernde, erotische Hände werden dir alles abverlangen.... deine Lust, dein Leiden und deine Unterwerfung werden uns dazu animieren, dich gnadenlos zu benutzen.

    Wir sind zwei eingespielte, erfahrene Ladys, die Lust daran haben jede noch so geheime und verdorbene Fantasie von dir offenzulegen.

  • Dynamic Duo Special - Satanica Panthera & Kinky Jay

    Dynamic Duo Special - Satanica Panthera & Kinky Jay
  • Special Date - Your threesome

  • Klink and Toilett


  • XMas-Special



  • Education for two

    Your dreams come true!

    We offer you a special kind of education together it will be an exclusive, bizarre experience for you. We will show you and humiliate as you need it, together we will push your limits.

  • For the rubber lovers

    For the rubber lovers

    In rubber wrapped to be a first-class experience, which makes the eroticism into a moving experience.

    Let us surprise you and just enjoy the feeling of latex! It suits you the sense of a vacuum suit or a longer stay in the padded cell?

  • Fetish Clinic/Segufix

    Fetish Clinic/Segufix

    Fetish Clinic and Segufix treatments

    • Fisting
    • Fixation
    • Fever
    • genital rash
    • Respiratory control
    • Respiratory reduction
    • Milking out
    • Blow Molding
    • Nipple treatment
    • bowel
    • dilator
    • Dildo treatment
  • Games played with several

    It excites you, detained for hours, fixed, raised, humiliated and used to be or to serve? Want extensively Bond Acts or demonstrated? be? NS enjoy? Beautiful, well-groomed feet pampered? Time for a TV styling have?
    These are the best conditions for you to submit to us a long time education.

    Ranging from one day or longer, we have great affordable prices and ready.

    It is suitable to long-term education! Special!

    Under the supervision and management of (multiple mistresses) in various SM-perfect and consistent themes introduced or constructed or to be punished.

    In detail, the long-term program depends on the physical conditions (mental and physical condition) and inclinations of the person, or from among couples, also from the ideas of the partner.

    For better orientation we offer the following to various practices in a long-term education can be treated:

    • Captivity in the cell, permanent chain bondage, interrogation with torture Training, education, or punishment
    • Animal training as a pony, dog or pig at a fair attitude and feeding
    • TV education, and training to the maid or a whore Using slave labor as serfs, constantly naked and in chains
    • Permanent forced posture in rubber, latex or worn female underwear
    • Caning, teacher and student Hospital stay: Doctor and patient, intimate examinations
    • Dressing to the foot-slave and object of desire, the point of total satisfaction with us
    • Use as a toilet slave with practices of various kinds
    • Attitudes than sex-lust-object e.g. with Anal Play, stretching, dildo torture and regular Abspritzzwang

    Appointments only by email